Are in need of a driveway paver, driveway repair, driveway sealing or asphalt driveway repair in Cheektowaga, Orchard Park or any of the surrounding Western New York areas. Dewey’s Paving is an all service paving company servicing Cheektowaga, Orchard Park and all of WNY. We specialize in driveway paving and will beat any other driveway paver’s cost.

Our state of the art driveway paving equipment ensures that we get the job down quickly so you can get on with your life. We offer driveway repair, driveway paving, asphalt driveway repair, driveway sealing and driveway patching throughout Western New York. We are the most dependable driveway sealing, patch and repair paving company in WNY. If your driveway doesn’t need to be completely replaced and repaved, we’re not going to tell you it should be just for the monetary gain. With over 30 years in the paving business we know what it takes to do all kinds of paving repairs. Whether you need your driveway paved for the first time, patched, resealed, coated or a complete driveway repair, we’re going to give you the best quote around. Blacktop driveways can be costly, Dewey’s will be happy to tell you how much your driveway will cost to be blacktopped. Our driveway pavers are fully insured and the most friendly, accountable people you will come across. Dewey’s Paving is fully insured and everyone on our paving team has years of experience in the paving business.

Give Dewey’s Paving a call to see what we can do for you. A messy driveway is a hassle, don’t go through another season with a driveway in need of a repair, seal or patch. Call Dewey’s Paving today.

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